Starting the #Logocore logo challenge, trying to expand my abilities with branding, as I do not get to work with logo design as often as I would like!

Below is the prompt received for the logo design challenge 1 - Alison Cosmetics.

"I’m the owner of Alison Cosmetics and I’m looking to commission a new logo design for my online beauty store. My previous logo was just a boring font and was barely readable when used as a profile picture on our company’s social media accounts. I was hoping you could make our products more memorable with an eye-catching logo design! 

We mostly sell skincare products and cosmetics that include lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, and eyeliners. All of the products are vegan, and we’re well known for our limited edition subscription box where we sell several of our best-selling cosmetics in a curated package. 

The store mostly uses soft colors, ranging from pinks to purples, so I’d prefer to stick to similar tones in order for the store’s visuals to feel consistent. I’m not interested in any cursive typefaces - I just don’t think it would be legible on our website. 

In addition, your design will most likely be printed on the bottom of our cosmetics. The printing area would be around 2cm by 2cm on a black surface, and it would be amazing to get a logo design that can fit into this tight space."
My original concepts including this A shape, focusing a C as a circle, but including leaves to add to the vegan aspect of the Alison Cosmetic brand.
Logo at a 2cm x 2cm size, at 1PT stroke width.
Color scheme to be used, a simple 3-color palette, mainly using the purple and light pink.
Customized A, base font is Avenir Next.
Seamless pattern to be used in the branding, utilizing the leaves of the logo.
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