Original Panoskin 'Panobot' sketches; pieces were pulled from the left three bots in order to create the right two. Left three bots purchased from Vectorstock (full license) and then edited further to refine design.
Second round of edits on the Panobot. Left top two bots were a purchase from Vectorstock (full license), and then translated style into the center top bot, the final Panoskin mascot - the Panobot.
The final three Panobots (above); the left is the main mascot to use in all branding. The right two were used in the process of the Panoskin Street View Publisher Design.

Below are various designs of additional Panobots (a Panobot family), all conceptualized to help add value to the brand even further. None of the below bots besides the main bot are used in current branding.
The below graphics show the Panobot(s) used in various email, social media, UI and website graphics. All of these graphics and GIFs were created for Panoskin branding & marketing purposes.
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